how you choose your puppy

We email people on our waiting list after the pups are born.  There is no way you can decide which pup you want at such an early age, so we give you your pick of the available pups based on sex/color.  A $200 deposit is required at this time to hold your right to chose when the pups are older.


We start at the top of the waiting list.  For example, if the first person on the list wants a black female, we call or email that person and offer them first pick of the black girls. Then we go to the next person on the list that wants a black girl and offer them 2nd pick, and so on down the list until all the female pups are claimed.  Then we do the same with the boys.


If we have puppies that are wheaten in color, we do the same with the wheatens. 


If you are still interested, but don't get your choice of sex or color, your name remains on the top of the list for the next litter.


After the pups are all sold, everyone can watch them grow here on the website. We try to update the pictures 2 or 3 times before they are ready to go to their forever homes.




Black or Brindle - Male or Female  $900.00 ea.

Wheatens - Male or Female $1000.00 ea.


AKC Registration Papers


Price includes (7%) Mississippi sales tax .  



Pickup and delivery options and costs

Due to new USDA regulations,  our puppies can no longer be shipped sight unseen.  This makes it more difficult for unscrupulous breeders to operate "puppy mills", and to ship sick or unwanted animals.  You MUST see the puppy you want in person before taking the puppy home.


Our preferences for delivery are:


1st:  Pick-up your puppy up in person from our home.


2nd:  Pick-up your puppy in person at a nearby airport.

We deliver your puppy to you at a nearby airport.  Jackson Int (JAN) and Gulfport Int (GPT) are both 85 to 100 miles away and have a good selection of flights; Delta, US Air, American, and United.  New Orleans Int (MSY) is 150 miles, and served by all airlines. Meeting at the airport satisfies the USDA rules and gives you a chance to meet your new puppy.  Airline fees for carry on puppies are quite reasonable (Delta is $125.)  Our fee for delivery to the airport is $1 per mile one way.


If the airline you use requires a veterinarians certificate of health to fly, this cost must be added to the cost of your puppy.   Please check with your airline regarding this requirement well ahead of time for pickup.  The vet charge is normally around $50 (certification plus an office visit.)  If you don't pick up your baby before 12 weeks of age, airlines require a rabies vaccination in addition to a certification of health.  This will add an additional vet charge of around $25 in addition to the certification and office visit.


3rd:  Hand delivery by us within a limited radius, $1 per mile one way up to 200 miles.  This can be to your home or a meeting place in between.  


IMPORTANT:  If you choose to buy a puppy, but are unable to take your puppy home before he or she is 10 weeks old, there will be an additional charge for boarding of $7.00 per day while we continue to care for your baby.  We are happy to hold your baby and take care of it, but this is an extra expense for us which must be reimbursed.