some of our Previous Litters

Previous litter of sara Lee

Boy #1, Archie, weighs 4lbs 2oz today.  He is cute as a button.

Boy #2 is our little brindle baby.  He will be going to live in Louisiana.  He weighs 3lbs 10oz.

Boy #3 is going to live in Birmingham.  His name is Sean Connery and he weighs 4lbs 2oz.

Boy #4 is all black.  He weighs 3lbs 8oz.  He will be living in Pensacola, FL

Previous litter of Sadie mae

Angus will be living with his new parents in the Jackson area.

Eddie live with his new family and dog buddy in Birmingham.

This little guy went to live in Louisiana.

This precious little boy will be going home on Sunday.

Little Harley is living with his dad in Texas

Sweet little Piper has gone to live with her new family in Arkansas

All of babies and the big boys and girls too, are raised in the house as part of the family.  They are well socialized.  They are used to the noises of everyday living and are handled and petted daily


By the time they are 8 weeks old and ready to go home, they will have been wormed 3-4 times and had the first 2 puppy shots.

Sadie's Litter 9/13/2015

Sadie Mae's litter of  3 girls and 5 boys were born Sunday, September 13th.  They all have new families now.